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zen habits: Top 20 Motivation Hacks - #18

Friday, February 2, 2007

Top 20 Motivation Hacks - #18

Quick intro: I first intended this Top 20 list to be in a single post, but I decided that breaking them into separate posts would allow me to concentrate on each a little more. So, I present my list of the Top 20 Motivation Hacks.

A number of people have commented that I must be dedicated to achieve some of the goals I'm going for: exercise, frugality, organization, healthy eating, etc. Well, I don't believe in someone being naturally "dedicated" ... it's all a matter of motivation. You can achieve anything if you motivate yourself enough.

Motivation Hack #18: Join an online (or off-line) group to help keep you focused and motivated.

When I started to run, more than a year ago, I joined a few different forums, at different times, on different sites, such as Men's Health (the Belly-Off Runner's Club), Runner's World, Cool Running, and the running group at About.com. I did the same when I was quitting smoking.

Each time I joined a forum, it helped keep me on track. Not only did I meet a bunch of other people who were either going through what I was going through or who had already been through it, I would report my progress (and failures) as I went along. They were there for great advice, for moral support, to help keep me going when I wanted to stop.

Now, there are many such groups or forums out there, each of them good and with their own personalities. Don't be afraid to just jump in (after reading the FAQ) and say hello, introduce yourself, and ask questions. Post your progress. If you are having problems, say so, and ask for help. Keep coming back, and you will stay motivated.

There are also real-world versions of these groups, for many different goals, from running to quitting smoking to quitting alcohol and more. Look for such a group in your area and give them a call. A combination of online and off-line groups could also work.

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