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zen habits: Goal Update: January was great!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Goal Update: January was great!

Earlier this month I posted about my goals for the year and how I will accomplish them. Part of that is a monthly review, which I'm doing now. I'm also setting my goals for February.

Check out how I did for January:

  • Triathlon: Did swim training two times a week (missed twice due to other circumstances); ran 2-3 times a week (didn't do long runs though), including a PR for a 5K! Started riding my bike (twice last week!) Did great!
  • Strength training: Did short strength workouts, but missed last week. Need to improve.
  • Yard work: Did a good job on keeping the yard in shape, but missed last week due to a soccer game and other circumstances. Good, could do better.
  • Payoff credit card, car: Continued to make payments in car and extra payments for credit card. Great!
  • Save: Continued to set aside money for an emergency fund. Great!
  • Apply law school: I've re-evaluated this goal and no longer plan to apply to law school this year. My life plans have changed.
  • Meditate: I only did this once, and skipped it for the last two weeks. Need to improve!
  • Positive Parenting: Was more positive this month, but didn't read and could do better with the yelling. Need to improve.
  • Simplify: I started to de-clutter, but missed the last two weeks. Need to improve.
  • Take Action (regarding global warming): I began implementing some energy-saving actions, and passed on An Inconvenient Truth to my mom, and rode my bike to work once. Great!
Overall, I dropped one goal, and did well in five of the other nine goals. This month, my focus will be to improve on strength training, meditating, positive parenting and simplifying, while keeping up the good work in the other goals.

I also plan to institute a new tracking system modeled after Ben Franklin's chart. Will post on this once I figure it out.


Prakash said...

wow. that must take a lot of dedication. how do you motivate yourself?

i don't know how you find the time to do all that.

good luck, man.

Leo said...

Thanks, Prakash. I used to think that way too ... that achieving goals like a marathon (which I did last year) or a triathlon or something like that took dedication ... which it does, but it's not something you either have or don't have. It's something you build, by motivating yourself in a thousand little ways.

Good question about my motivation ... that will be one of my next posts, I think. No goals can be achieved without proper motivation, right?

Anonymous said...

nice idea, doing weekly meetings to review and set your goals. good way to stay on top of them.