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zen habits: One Month Challenge, Day 21

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Month Challenge, Day 21

This month, Zen Habits is taking up the One Month Challenge and I will be tracking all of my expenses and logging them throughout the month of February.

Day 21 of my One Month Challenge has passed. Here's how it turned out:

  • Item: Gas; Cost: $33.00; Essential? Yes
  • Item: toilet paper, rechargeable batteries; Cost: $33.00; Essential? Yes
  • Item: flowers; Cost: $26.50; Essential? No
  • Item: Groceries; Cost: $57.00; Essential? Yes
  • Item: church tithe; Cost: $2.00; Essential? No
  • Item: refill two 5-gallon water bottles; Cost: $2.50; Essential? Yes
Running total after 21 days is $2,392.43 ($1,986.51 essential - 83%).

Not the best spending day. Most of these were essentials. The flowers were for my daughter, who was inducted this morning into the National Junior Honors Society. I'm so proud of her. I don't regret the purchase.


Anonymous said...

Only $2.00 for church tithe? I don't get it - you seem like a very generous person!

Leo said...

I'm not sure if the tithe system works the same in our churches. In my church, they pass a basket around and each person gives what he can, anywhere from a few cents to $20 or $50 in some cases. Most people only give a dollar or two. I only had a couple dollars on me at the time, but I go to services often, so it adds up. However, I admit that I could probably give more. I try to give through non-monetary contributions instead.