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zen habits: One Month Challenge, Day 28

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One Month Challenge, Day 28

This month, Zen Habits is taking up the One Month Challenge and I will be tracking all of my expenses and logging them throughout the month of February.

Day 28, the final day of my One Month Challenge, has passed. Here's how it turned out:

  • Item: Pastries; Cost: $12.50; Essential? No
  • Item: Wendy's; Cost: $5.50; Essential? No
Running total after 28 days is $2,890.35 ($2,413.77 essential - 84%).

Well, that was the last day! The pastries were for a rosary we were attending last night for a relative, and the Wendy's was for me, because I knew there wouldn't be any vegetarian dishes served after the rosary. Not a justification, but an explanation.

Over the next two days, I will post a couple articles wrapping up my One Month Challenge to track my finances, looking back on my totals and what I've learned.


Snowtru-Jaz said...

Hey Leo, totally inspired by this, need to start saving some money so decided to try it out for March. I've started documenting it in my blog too just so I've got it all in one place. Great idea - I'm sure just the awareness of what you're spending makes a huge difference. Keep up the awesome blog!

Leo said...

Hey, glad if I've helped! And good luck. It was a rewarding experience for me. The awareness does make a difference -- but it's also a great way to analyze your spending at the end of the month.