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zen habits: One Month Challenge, Day 7

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

One Month Challenge, Day 7

This month, Zen Habits is taking up the One Month Challenge and I will be tracking all of my expenses and logging them throughout the month of February.

Day 7 of my One Month Challenge has passed (I'm on Guam, and we're ahead of most time zones). Here's how it turned out:

  • Item: gas; Cost: $40; Essential? Yes
  • Item: groceries; Cost: $72.43; Essential? Yes
  • Item: beer & ice cream; Cost: $13.75; Essential? No
  • Item: bottle of water; Cost: $0.59; Essential? Yes
Running total after 7 days is $1,163.55 ($1,042.76 essential - 90%).

The beer and ice cream were for me and the wife's cheap date last night (we got a babysitter and I cooked a cheap dinner). We wanted beer with our dinner (the cheap store we went to didn't have wine) and we had ice cream sundaes with bananas and berries for dessert. So, no, this wasn't technically essential, but I don't regret it!


Pat said...

If you argued that beer is essential, I wouldn't disagree. :)

Leo said...

Hmmmm .... you have an excellent point there, Pat.