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zen habits: Technical difficulties

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Technical difficulties

I haven't been posting as frequently as usual simply because I'm having problems with my monitor at home, but I will resume regular posting shortly when I go to work in a few hours. I'd like to just say welcome to all the new subscribers who've signed up in the last few days. Please stick around!

If anyone wants to give me a free monitor, I won't turn you down.

Or maybe you know how to fix the one I have: a Dell monitor, keeps going black about two seconds after I turn it on. It used to stay on after I kept turning it on and off for awhile, but it got progressively worse and now it won't stay on no matter how many times I do that.

I'll probably have to splurge for a new monitor, but following the frugal advice of my own site, I'm going to look for a used one first.


Anonymous said...

A friend recently had this problem, and Dell replaced his monitor. I don't know if yours is still under warranty, but you should check. Even if it's out of warranty, sometimes customer service helps you anyway in order to foster goodwill. Give it a shot!

Leo said...

Thanks zinzarin ... that's definitely worth a try. I appreciate the suggestion!