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zen habits: Weekly workout log for Feb. 5-11, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekly workout log for Feb. 5-11, 2007

Had a bit of a cut-back week this past week in my triathlon training. My body was feeling exhausted, so I didn't do as many workouts as I've been doing lately. Still a good week, and I'm proud of my progress. I think my swimming is coming along fine, although I could use some work on the bike. I had a planned bike ride on Sunday morning, but had a flat. Tried to patch it, but it didn't work for some reason (need to practice that) and so I gave up and went for a run instead.

  • Mon., Feb. 5: evening: ran 4.5 miles (including 5 intervals of 800m).
  • Tue., Feb. 6: morning: rode bike to work (10 miles, 45 minutes); evening: swam 1,100 yards.
  • Wed., Feb. 7: evening: rode bike home (10 miles, 1 hr - up hill!).
  • Thu., Feb. 8: evening: ran 2.5 miles (including hard mile in middle).
  • Fri., Feb. 9: evening: swam 1,000 yards.
  • Sun., Feb. 11: morning: ran 4.5 miles; evening: swam in ocean, about 800m.

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