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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ask the readers: Suggestions for Zen Habits topics

To my favorite readers in the world: I've been getting so much great feedback from all of you, about the topics Zen Habits has been covering, that I'd like to throw out the question:

What topics would you like to read about on Zen Habits?

All suggestions are welcome. Any problems you've been facing? Any goal obstacles you'd like advice on? Anything Zen Habits isn't writing enough about?

Here's your chance to get exactly what you want. Let me know in the comments!


liwen said...

Hi, I'm a recent new reader and I subscribed mainly because of I'm interested at ways to improve your life, and I'm very interested in ways to be a early-riser and maybe other relevant life improvement articles would be really good. Or perhaps your own experiences in doing things, because it's always good to learn from experience.

Anonymous said...

I think discipline would be a good topic, as much of what you talk about requires a certain amount of it.

The Army was good for teaching me discipline, but I realized that in the end, it comes from within.

But still, like most things, it is a habit that one can work on over time.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experience on the subject.

Leo said...

Hi guys ... thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to cover these ideas in the next few days. Liwen, there's an article on how to become an early riser (see column at the right) ... but if you still have questions about it, I'd be happy to write more or answer any questions.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

It may sound a bit funny but I would really like to see something useful info on "organizing and simplifying wardrobes" maybe as part of the "edit your life" series.

Otherwise, keep up the great work that you're already doing! :)

Samer said...

More practical GTD for us beginners trying to make sense out of corporate life ;)
I really liked your morning routine/early rising posts, so more like them would be great! Thanks Leo

Leo said...

Thanks, guys, for the excellent suggestions. I will incorporation those in the next few day. Excellent job!

holli jo said...

I think all your posts are great, so keep up the good work. I am especially trying to organize my house, my life, and myself. I'm also trying to focus in on what my goals are, and I'm trying to change my lifestyle to include healthy eating and exercise. I appreciate posts that cover any of these topics.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an intro to meditation.

Leo said...

Great suggestions. Will do my best!

Anonymous said...

Leo, one thing that has created some rabbit-trails for me lately is the relationship between David Allen and MSIA, a cult-like organization. There is a fairly detailed thread on the 43folders board: http://board.43folders.com/showthread.php?t=885. Anyway, I'd be curious on your take on the whole mess.

Leo said...

Hi Don, thanks for the suggestion. I don't think that I'll write a whole post about this topic, but I'll just give my response here if that's OK.

The discussion is that David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, is a part of the cult-like MSIA (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness) -- and is actually a minister for MSIA.

Personally, I don't know much about MSIA, but even if it were the weirdest cult in the world, it wouldn't matter. The David doesn't use any of that in the actual GTD book, which is pretty straightforward and action-based, with a little bit of martial arts and easter terminology and concepts thrown in, mostly as metaphors. The book itself is not spiritual at all, and in my opinion I think it should be discussed separately from spirituality.

Why? Well, I'm not saying that spirituality doesn't matter. For some of us, it matters a lot. For some of us, it is just a distraction. I think that's a totally separate issue from how we manage our tasks, our information and our physical documents. We can all be disciples of GTD and still be members of various religions, or not a believer in anything at all. How we feel about spirituality doesn't and shouldn't matter when we discuss GTD.

Having said that, there are ways to apply GTD's concepts to your spiritual life, but that's not necessary to use and love GTD. And it's beyond the scope of this blog, probably.

Thanks for the great question!

Anonymous said...

i would also like to see something on "product lifespan" like what's a good amount of time/use to get out of products and appliances like microwaves, computers, mp3 players etc.

Anonymous said...

Leo, thanks for your thoughtful response to my comment on MSIA!

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader to this blog and I was attracted to it's content for two reasons:

1. Learning how to budget . . . using my money wisely.

2. How to set and achieve goals.

Goals are hard for me because I set one and then I after I feel it might not be the most important. So I don't try hard to achieve. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.


holli jo said...

I thought of another topic I would like to read about. I am not a vegan, but I would like to try to make some vegan dishes. However, my husband is insulin resistance, which means he can't overdo it on carbohydrates.

How do you make sure you get enough protein and not overdose on carbohydrates with the vegan lifestyle?

Thanks for your help and advice. I really appreciate your willingness to listen to readers!

Leo said...

Adam, Ryan and Holli Jo ... thanks for the great suggestions. I will definitely put these on the list of topics to write about in the next week or two. I've been getting some excellent feedback here and I appreciate everyone jumping in and answering the question!

Don, glad to answer the question ... thanks for asking it!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some stuff about keeping a journal too :)