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zen habits: Social networking, and shameless self-promotion

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Social networking, and shameless self-promotion

To my readers: this will be a meta-post, so if those bother you, please skip over.

You may have noticed some changes in the Zen Habits sidebar. First of all, in addition to joining the Positive Blog Network, Zen Habits has joined the 2000 Bloggers site (where I post every Sunday) as well as the new Getting Things Done network on FeedBurner. I did this to add value to the site, for my readers, so they can access other quality sites, as well as to help Zen Habits reach a larger audience.

I've been getting such great feedback here that I've decided to reach out to a wider audience. (Now here's the shameless plea.) To do this, I'm asking that you bookmark the articles you like on your favorite social bookmarking site (Digg, Delicious, Netscape, Reddit, Stumbleupon and the like). No pressure to do so, but you'll help out the site if you do.

Also, if you're not already subscribed to the Zen Habits feed, please do so ... I like that I'm able to share these articles with people every single day!

This site has been rising in many people's consciousness, and I plan to write a post soon about the quick rise of Zen Habits -- I hope you don't mind, but it's a recent goal of mine to grow the site, and I think it might be an interesting read for some of you. It involves the site's rise on Technorati, the use of such social networks as Delicious, Netscape, Stumbleupon and others, and the use of blogging networks.

Finally, I've been experimenting with different ads, as you might have noticed. I hope that doesn't bother you. I'd like to develop a small side income from the site, as I spend a lot of time working on it (and love every minute of it!), and figure that having that time pay off wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Any feedback on any of this is welcome.


Elaine Vigneault said...

Thank you for your contribution to www.2kbloggers.com I look forward to reading your weekly posts!
-Elaine :)

stayfly said...

best of luck with this!

Zen Habits deserves to be a very successful blog in my opinion :)

Leo said...

Thanks Elaine, and thanks Stayfly for the wonderful comment. I appreciate that.

VentiDarkRoast said...

I already subscribe via both My Yahoo and Google Reader and look forward to checking for your posts every day. (Your new daily publication schedule by topic is a great idea.)

What I particularly like is what I don't find here. I don't find a condescending attitude or an approach that tells me "here-is-the-silver-bullet-that-will-fix-your-life-overnight". You have been an encouragement. Thanks.

Leo said...

ventidarkroast: What a nice comment. Thanks for the kind words and the insight into what you like about the blog. I appreciate reader feedback greatly and use it to guide me.

Bradley said...

Thanks for a great site. I joined your feed and I am definently looking forward to your articles on networking.

Leo said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Bradley. I am writing the article on networking, but I'm taking a little more time with it than I thought, as it is requiring a bit of thought. It'll come soon, tho. Thanks again!

Sara said...

Shamelessly plug away! You run an amazing and inspiring blog! I look forward to new posts from my feeder every day - and I tell all my friends and family about your blog. Just the right mix of practical, philosophical, and pithy - keep it up! :)

Leo said...

Thanks Sara! I appreciate the great feedback and that you've subscribed and are passing on the word about Zen Habits. That is awesome. However, you might want to hold back on the praise -- people will think I paid you to say that! :)

Sara said...

Note to world: Leo did not pay me. But he does rock.

kamal said...

Leo, don't for a second sweat the "shameless plea." Those of us who read this blog regularly would be happy to spread the word.

As someone who works in the internet world and knows the power of social networks, I say that your articles are the type of content that should get out there on sites like Digg, Reddit, etc. It will improve the lives of those who read it.

So, by having your articles on those networks, you're doing them a favor.

Keep up the great work and never sweat asking your readers for help.

Leo said...

Kamal: Thank you for another great comment. I appreciate your support, and the support of everyone here. I'm glad that this blog has been useful to people.

And another note: I don't pay Kamal to write these comments either!