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zen habits: 31 days to fix your finances

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

31 days to fix your finances

The personal finance blog The Simple Dollar started a great series this month that I've been reading entitled, "31 days to fix your finances." Some of it is pretty basic stuff, but it's a great "total makeover" type thing if getting out of debt and saving for your dreams are some of your top goals this year. It's a good read, at the very least.

Just a few highlights (some of them from famous financial books such as Your Money or Your Life, or Total Money Makeover):

  • Stop excess spending as a stopgap measure
  • Start planning and saving for your dreams
  • Figure out your "true wage"
  • Create a realistic, flexible budget with easy steps
  • Align your spending with your values
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Re-examine your expenses to see if you can lower them

The Simple Dollar is just one of the excellent personal finance blogs I've been reading. Some of my favorites right now:

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