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zen habits: Quit Caffeine Update: Goin' Cold Turkey This Week

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quit Caffeine Update: Goin' Cold Turkey This Week

For the last two weeks, I've been slowly cutting back on caffeine in my attempt to quit. This week, I'll have no caffeine at all. I love coffee, so this is a challenge for me.

I've read about the withdrawal pains that come when you quit caffeine, such as headaches and drowsiness. But I've got to say, the cutting-back-slowly method has been working great for me! No headaches today, no drowsiness, and not a DROP of caffeine -- no coffee, no chocolate, no caffeinated tea, no colas.

I hope the rest of the day, and the week, go as well. I still get some cravings for coffee, but for the most part, I'm fine. And the great part of it is, I am quitting another addiction. I might have a cup of coffee once in awhile later on, once I'm completely quit (give it at least a month), but that will be as an occasional treat, not a regular habit. And plus ... I'll save money and help the environment!




Travis T. said...

Good luck, Leo! I quit coffee twice myself, though I relapsed. That's the hard part, I think. Let me know if you find any tips to not only quit but stay quit.

Leo said...

Thanks. I'm now in my second day of no caffeine, and I'm not having any problems. A couple of cravings, sure, but no side effects, and I feel great.

Thanks for the suggestion ... I'll definitely keep the topic of avoiding relapses in mind.