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zen habits: Quitting Caffeine update

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quitting Caffeine update

I'm down to half a cup, with no real side effects. I don't drink coffee when I wake up anymore ... only when I get into work, and only half a cup. I'm pretty tired before I drink that half a cup, but no headaches or anything.

Next week I take the plunge into zero coffee. Also I don't drink caffeinated colas or tea, or eat chocolate -- and chocolate is the hardest part aside from the coffee.

My reasons for quitting: to prove that I can, to get myself off an addiction, to end caffeine's destructive effects on my body and my health, and to continue to try to simplify my life and examine (and eliminate) those things that are not truly necessary.

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1 comment:

Trina T. said...

Good luck Leo! I can't imagine cutting coffee out of my life.