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zen habits: A week of no caffeine - yay me!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A week of no caffeine - yay me!

As I believe in celebrating every little victory, I am proud to post that I've gone a week now with no caffeine. Yesterday morning was my biggest temptation yet ... I almost drank some of my wife's coffee, telling myself that I've been good all week and one cup won't hurt. But that reminded me too much of when I was quitting smoking, so I resisted.

I think if I do this for two more weeks, I should have this addiction licked. And I'll be bragging about it here then too.



Anonymous said...

good job, leo. i don't think i could last that long. :)

Leo said...

Thanks! I didn't think I could last this long either. But by cutting back gradually, I haven't had any real side effects (like headaches, drowsiness, irritability), so it really hasn't been that hard.